Monday, September 20, 2010


I've worked so hard on our fiafia, on the computer doing so many animations. I even finished off other people's work that they hadn't done. I have been doing so many movies, that when I finished my animation and other ones too, I got to play some games.
Our music for our animation is Never Say Never by Jb and Jsmith. Lepa was the one that chose it because we had so many ideas for the song and people liked it.
We have Stevie and Jephte as our main characters, and they seem like quite good actors. At the end when they have a little celebration.
I really really enjoyed MTV because Miss King is good at thinking of so many ideas for our movie and she doesn't waste her time hanging around, because she is on to it.
I liked meeting other people that I don't know and it was awesome to be with my old teacher again.


  1. My name is Angelica Scott and I am in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama, located in Mobile Alabama. Wow I am very impressed by the animation in this video. That’s really nice that you help your classmates out, we have to help each other out a lot in our class. I like the song it goes along very well with the video.

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  2. Hey Nezinli,

    That was a great animation. The song was cool and it really goes with the little movie. I Hope you can make another movie as great as this one.



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