Wednesday, September 8, 2010

christchurchs earthquake

On saturday morning the 4th of september at 4:36am an earth-quake struck and destroyed part of christchurch.But the good thing is that people did not die.But the sad thing is that house are destroyed and shops and buildings but the earth quake was 7.1 and that's why school's shops were closed and they wound have to pay lot's and lot's of money to fix part's of christchurch .The earthquakes hit out of no where and it was a violent and frightening and they were shocked and their were more then 100 quakes and god bless christchurch .


  1. hi my name is logan from burnham school room2
    who toke the photo??

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  3. Hello, my name is Talisa. I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama in USA. I was reading your post for Dr Strange's class. I did not know about the earthquake on September the 4th. I'm glad to hear that no one died. It is terrible that it caused so much damage. Was your school or home damaged by the earthquake?


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