Monday, May 17, 2010

A Buried City

In 79AD there was a city called Pompeii in Italy when a near by volcano called Mt Vesuvius erupted. It was discovered by an archeologist almost 1900 years later when it was buried 6 metres under ground.

By Tui

Active Earth Assembly

On the 7th of May the whole school went to an assembly. We saw the Team 1 teachers go up on stage first to show their Active Earth costumes. When they were finished, the Team 2 teachers went up on stage. We then watched a movie about the earth-quakes and it was pretty short. When the movie had finished, Team 4 went up on the stage and they played a quiz master and in the quiz game was Miss Va'afusuaga, Mr Barks, Miss King and Miss Squires. When they were finished, the Team 5 teachers went up and Miss Tito and Mrs Nua were talking about volcanoes. After assembly we went back to class.

By Jessica

Mt. Vesuvius erupting

When Mt. Vesuvius erupted, rising smoky ash and falling rocks poured from the crater onto the city of Pompeii. BOOM! Suddenly the petrified people were faced with fear of an uncertain future.

Soon after the massive explosion, more then 20.000 people perished and were buried. A few survivors escaped from the terrifying event. The city of Pompeii has never been the same but many people today still visit the historical site.

By Miracle

Rugby Barbarians Day

Around 7:15am, we went to an engaging event called the Rugby Barbarians Fun Day on the North Shore. When we got there I was fortunate enough to play all our three games and looked foward to meeting some All Blacks there. I was nervous about playing those three games. When we arrived to the amazing fun barbarian day, everybody was there. We had our first game against Riverhead School and we won by many tries to a nil score and they never got near the try line but they tried their best and that's all that matters. In our second game against Arahoe, I thought to myself, "we're going to lose", but I remembered that champions never give up. "Oh he stepped to the right, then stepped to the left, oh a bump off too" - all made by Lepa. He was "gonners" and scored a try. We all shouted and we all cheered with happiness. After that we all got some sausges to eat. We were all happy that we won both of our games but we noticed that it wasn't finished yet. We ate some food but not heaps because we might get a stitch when we play our last game against Ardmore Primary. It wasn't a hard game and we won that game by lots of tries to nil agains. They were small players and I got the first try of that game. I'm glad that my step-dad let me go because it was a wonderful day.

By Nezinli

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Rugby Game

On Friday morning the rugby boys and girls left school at 11:30. We got to Viscount School at 12:00. After 12, we warmed up - the girls and the unders started playing first, and my team played next. I played the first half and in the second half I sprained my ankle, then I went home with my mum. I had a good day.

By Michael

Thursday, May 13, 2010

To My Mother

My Mum cleans the car and the house all the time. Thank you Mum for making food for my lunch. Thank you for making cards for me to play with my brother too. Thank you for making biscuits for me to eat at school for having some milk and biscuits for me to eat after school.

From Ysabella

The Last Day of Pompeii

On the last day of Pompeii, the people faced a fear of an uncertain future. The ash from the erupting Mt. Vesuvius was so thick, that it blocked out the sun. The ash had poisonous gases and killed more than 20,000 petrified people. Mt.Vesuvius is still active today so if you go to Italy and near that volcano, I suggest that you be careful.


By Jasmine


In the year of 79 AD, on the 24th of August, Mt. Vesuvius erupted near the city of Pompeii in Italy. It erupted and unleashed lava and hot ash that covered the whole city of Pompeii. The rising, smoky ash clouds blocked out the sun, so the city was dark. As the angry and sinister ash clouds and hot lava came pouring out from the crater, it came upon the people of Pompeii and they were killed.

By Tina


As Mt. Vesuvius started to erupt, some of the people from Pompeii didn't even know that it was a volcano. When Mt. Vesuvius erupted, the poisonous gas spread around the city of Pompeii. The ash that was coming out of the volcano made a huge cloud that blocked out the sun. When the whole sky of Pompeii was covered in this ash cloud, flaming hot chunks of rock came flying towards the city of Pompeii. The smell in the air was like rotton eggs. Lava also poured out onto people too. That was the last time the city of Pompeii ever exsisted. Mt.Vesuvius is still active today and can erupt again.

By Vanila

Mt. Vesuvius Erupting

Many years ago a volcano called Mt. Vesuvius erupted in Pompeii. People at the time
thought it was just a mountain, but it was an active volcano. Snakes and other animals went crazy before the eruption but the people did not notice the warning signs. When the volcano started to erupt, the magma came through the created and came out as lava. Rising, smoky ash covered the sky and blocked out the sun. Many people died that day.

By Pesi


My First Rugby Game for the School

On Friday the 7th of May the Year 5 and 6 girls and boys had their first rugby game againstViscount School. Before we left our school, we had to wait for a while and had our morning tea. Then we got changed in to our rugby gears that we were going to play in. When we finished changing, we had to go to the hall and wait for the bus to arrive. When the bus arrived the girls lined up first and got to sit at the back of the bus which were the best seats. On our way to Mangere we sang songs. When we finally got there, we had a little warm up. After our warm up, it was time to play. When it was time to play, we thought that they were going to be bigger than us but there were only a few big girls and the rest were skinny. In our team we all tried our hardest but we lost. Viscount were passing the ball and we didn't spread out to try to tackle them but I think the player of the day should be Lesley Mapa because it took a lot of girls to tackle her when she ran hard with the ball. The overs tried their hardest too but they lost as well. Only the unders team won their game. Finally it was time to go back to school. It was a rough day and I can't wait until we play them again.

By Hainite

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mt Vesuvius

1,931 years ago there were people who lived in Pompeii where a great gigantic volcano called Mt Vesuvius erupted and killed many of them. When it erupted the people of Pompeii started to panic when scorching, hot ash clouds exploded from the volcano that killed lots of people with it's poisonous gas. The people turned into stone. More than 20,000 people died in Pompeii. May they rest in peace. R.I.P.

By Ahsin Charlie.

Mt. Vesuvius

1,931 years ago there were people who lived in Pompeii where a great gigantic volcano called Mt Vesuvius erupted and killed many of them. When it erupted the people of Pompeii started to panic when scorching, hot ash clouds exploded from the volcano that killed lots of people with it's poisonous gas. The people turned into stone. More than 20,000 people died in Pompeii. May they rest in peace. R.I.P.

By Ahsin Charlie.

Pompeii's Last Day

In Pompeii people lived next to a volcano and one morning in 79AD, the volcano erupted. It was called Mt. Vesuvius. The volcano exploded where lava and rising smoky ash came out of it's crater. Falling rocks looked like it fell from the sky but it came out of the crater. More than 20,000 people died from the hot, scorching, poisonous gases. As the ash covered the city of Pompeii, they were buried 6 metres underground. Hundreds of years later, people discovered the town of Pompeii when they started digging underground. People were found and made out of rocks.

By Tule

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pt. England vs Viscount Rugby

On Friday the 8th of May, our Year Five and Six girls and boys went to Viscount School in Mangere to challenge them at rugby. When we arrived there our teams started to warm up and we also ran around the field. The first game was the under 50kgs team. They played well and they won because of their experience. The next game was the Over 50kgs team against Viscount. We lost badly. They were fitter and faster than our team. I tried to do a drop goal but I missed. Next time I will try harder to get a try and our team needs to be fitter.

By Tuitalau

I Like My Weekends

In the weekend I went to town and bought stuff for Mothers Day. I bought my mum a card and I got her some chocolates too. On Saturday I had KFC "mmmmm yum KFC for dinner", I said to myself. It was my sister's birthday and she was turning nineteen and she gave me 5 dollars for something to buy for myself. I bought a drink, an ice cream and hot chips then I walked to the playground and sat down and had a rest on the slide. After that I walked around the school and finally went home. When I got there I had a drink then I went to play games on my PS3 called the God of War. I really like my weekends.

By Dante Tia

My First Rugby Game of the Year

On Friday we went to Viscount School in Mangere to challenge them in rugby . But first of all, before we left, we went to the hall to sort out our team. Soon after that we had to go outside because the bus was waiting for us. As the bus was going we sang lots of different songs and before long, we arrived there. When I got out I was nervous but I trusted in myself that I could play well. Our coach led us to our sitting place, then we did a little warm up before the game started. When the referee blew his whistle - we were ready. We ran onto the field and knew that if we lost or won, we would do our best. We got the first two tries before half time and in the end, we won. We were so happy and our coach said 'Yeah'! Then we had our lunch . The score was Viscount 5, Pt. England 35.