Friday, May 14, 2010

My Rugby Game

On Friday morning the rugby boys and girls left school at 11:30. We got to Viscount School at 12:00. After 12, we warmed up - the girls and the unders started playing first, and my team played next. I played the first half and in the second half I sprained my ankle, then I went home with my mum. I had a good day.

By Michael


  1. Hi Mikey,
    Wow! it was really good to see your post on your class page. The game at Viscount sounded really exciting. It was great that Mr Palmer could come too. He told me that you made a huge effort so well done! You can now look forward to going again as you did so well.

    Love, Mrs Bush

  2. Hi Michael, I was pleased to read your post and hear about your game. I do hope your ankle is better. If you have time you might like to check out our new rugby blog! Click on my name above and it will take you there! have a great season....


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