Monday, May 17, 2010

Rugby Barbarians Day

Around 7:15am, we went to an engaging event called the Rugby Barbarians Fun Day on the North Shore. When we got there I was fortunate enough to play all our three games and looked foward to meeting some All Blacks there. I was nervous about playing those three games. When we arrived to the amazing fun barbarian day, everybody was there. We had our first game against Riverhead School and we won by many tries to a nil score and they never got near the try line but they tried their best and that's all that matters. In our second game against Arahoe, I thought to myself, "we're going to lose", but I remembered that champions never give up. "Oh he stepped to the right, then stepped to the left, oh a bump off too" - all made by Lepa. He was "gonners" and scored a try. We all shouted and we all cheered with happiness. After that we all got some sausges to eat. We were all happy that we won both of our games but we noticed that it wasn't finished yet. We ate some food but not heaps because we might get a stitch when we play our last game against Ardmore Primary. It wasn't a hard game and we won that game by lots of tries to nil agains. They were small players and I got the first try of that game. I'm glad that my step-dad let me go because it was a wonderful day.

By Nezinli

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