Monday, July 19, 2010

Mighty Mariners

In Assembly ,there were lots of teachers that were dresed up as Migthy Mariners.Some of them looked funny and nearlly all of them were cool like Mr & Mrs Barks,Mrs Telea,Mrs Squiers,Miss Burne,and Mrs King.The funnest teachers were Miss She,Miss Tito,and Mr Burt.Mr Burt told us about his trip to USA.He had quite alot of T-shirts on and all of the T-shirt that he had on were from the places were he went.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Term twos disaster day

This term, we have been leaning about disasters which are Tsunamis,Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
We have been going to other places like One Tree Hill and Ruapotaka school. We went to One Tree Hill because we had to learn more about volcanoes,and when we got there we saw three craters and also one of them had molten rock in it and that was the third one. When it was disaster day it was time to go to Ruapotaka school to practice when a REAL Tsunami is going to happen.When we got there we had to sit in a small hall and had to watch one of the movies that showed us that a volcano had just erupted under the sea.Then we saw billowing ash cloud rushing towards us and it gave us a shock,it made us jump.Then they told us that the tsunami had finished.
The thing we enjoyed the most was going to One Tree Hill because we got to do fun things like capture the flag and watch a movie that was all about One Tree Hill and Sir John Logan Campbell.