Monday, July 19, 2010

Mighty Mariners

In Assembly ,there were lots of teachers that were dresed up as Migthy Mariners.Some of them looked funny and nearlly all of them were cool like Mr & Mrs Barks,Mrs Telea,Mrs Squiers,Miss Burne,and Mrs King.The funnest teachers were Miss She,Miss Tito,and Mr Burt.Mr Burt told us about his trip to USA.He had quite alot of T-shirts on and all of the T-shirt that he had on were from the places were he went.


  1. WOW!!

    I can tell already that assemble was great. Its cool that you talked about it because I wasn't there. Well that was a great piece of writing.


  2. Hey Huelo Ata nice story I can tell that assembly was great. Yes Mr Burt was waring alot of t-shirts I am pretty sure that he was really hot.

  3. Hey Huelo -Ata
    the story that you wrote is alsam I love your story .
    It is great I hope you write another one next time
    it is a nice story

    By Jessica

  4. Okay. I will be really excited if this is the same Sally Vaafusuanga who did a DTS in Maui in 1994! I have been searching FOR YEARS for this lady!!
    If it is her, I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!
    My email address is
    and you can also find me on facebook.
    I hope this is you!!!


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