Thursday, July 1, 2010

Term twos disaster day

This term, we have been leaning about disasters which are Tsunamis,Volcanoes and Earthquakes.
We have been going to other places like One Tree Hill and Ruapotaka school. We went to One Tree Hill because we had to learn more about volcanoes,and when we got there we saw three craters and also one of them had molten rock in it and that was the third one. When it was disaster day it was time to go to Ruapotaka school to practice when a REAL Tsunami is going to happen.When we got there we had to sit in a small hall and had to watch one of the movies that showed us that a volcano had just erupted under the sea.Then we saw billowing ash cloud rushing towards us and it gave us a shock,it made us jump.Then they told us that the tsunami had finished.
The thing we enjoyed the most was going to One Tree Hill because we got to do fun things like capture the flag and watch a movie that was all about One Tree Hill and Sir John Logan Campbell.


  1. Shalom Shalom Room 16
    I liked the trip to One Tree Hill the best. It was really fun and we learned a lot about volcanoes. If I were to choose a rating out of three for disaster day then I would rate it one out of three.

    Bye for now and PLEASE PLEASE comment on my blog!

  2. Hi Hossanah and Huelo-ata!
    I really enjoyed reading your writing. You used a very good use of clever vocabulary. (Fancy words, aye?) I really liked One Tree Hill as well. It's a very famous New Zealand landmark. Our school was lucky to go. One Tree Hill has a lot of New Zealand history behind it.
    I also liked disaster day. It was really cool. I was one of the reporters. It was lots of fun. I look forward to the rest of you two's posts.



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