Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Earwig's Life Cycle

Earwig can do some great suff to other insect. This is my story about Earwig. .This movie is about how Earwigs live and what they do with their life .
Ihope you injoy my movie. By Miracle.


this is a life cycle of a scorpion if you would want to know more watch my movie.

Tiger centipede

This a story about a tiger centipede how has a family of four and in here it shows a liofe cycle of a tiger cenitepede.

A butterfly

This is how a butterfly begins they life. The first stage is a buttefly lays hunders of eggs and .days and days it soon turns in to a caterpillar and then in five days later it soon turn in to chrysalis and see what happens next!

The Trapdoor spiders life cycle.

The mother lays two eggs and goes somewhere else so the eggs can settle.Then out comes the two Trapdoor spiders and follow after there mother.See what happenes next!