Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Rugby Game of the Year

On Friday we went to Viscount School in Mangere to challenge them in rugby . But first of all, before we left, we went to the hall to sort out our team. Soon after that we had to go outside because the bus was waiting for us. As the bus was going we sang lots of different songs and before long, we arrived there. When I got out I was nervous but I trusted in myself that I could play well. Our coach led us to our sitting place, then we did a little warm up before the game started. When the referee blew his whistle - we were ready. We ran onto the field and knew that if we lost or won, we would do our best. We got the first two tries before half time and in the end, we won. We were so happy and our coach said 'Yeah'! Then we had our lunch . The score was Viscount 5, Pt. England 35.


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  1. Hi Miracle

    Well done for a great piece of writing about your game. I'm glad to hear that your team beat Viscount. They are one of the hardest teams to beat, so well done! All the best for the rest of the season.


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