Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pt. England vs Viscount Rugby

On Friday the 8th of May, our Year Five and Six girls and boys went to Viscount School in Mangere to challenge them at rugby. When we arrived there our teams started to warm up and we also ran around the field. The first game was the under 50kgs team. They played well and they won because of their experience. The next game was the Over 50kgs team against Viscount. We lost badly. They were fitter and faster than our team. I tried to do a drop goal but I missed. Next time I will try harder to get a try and our team needs to be fitter.

By Tuitalau

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  1. How's your fitness going Tui? I like the way that you have reflected on your game. You are obviously aware of exactly what is needed to play well. Does your big brother help you out with rugby training? Have you scored a try yet?


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