Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Captain James Cook

Hi there my movie is about Christopher Columbus. He is a famous explorer because he's the first to discover the USA.


  1. Potaua,
    I am a student from the University of South Alabama in Mobile Alabama taking a computer class called EDM310. I am really impressed by your video presentation on Christopher Columbus. The title for the video though says it's about Captain James Cook. Christopher Columbus really went through a lot of adventures just to make it to America. His determination is the quality I like most about him. Did you draw the pictures yourself? You are very creative!

  2. Hi, My name is Megan Rymell and I am a student from the University of South Alabama. I am in Dr.Strange's edm310 class. I enjoyed the video. Did students do this assignment alone. They did a great job. Way to go :).

  3. Hey Potaua

    I really like your animation , its got great graphics and you really done well ,

    Keep it up brother


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