Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

With a devastating effect Christchurch was hit by an earth quake on Saturday morning. On the news they were talking about what had happened in Christchurch. It's been devastating for the people and even moreso because they've had more than one hundred aftershocks. Floods started to happen because the water pipes broke underneath the ground. The Auckland Police department sent about 80 police officers to help the emergency services in Christchurch. People are desparate to go back to their normal lives. If they want to drink water, they have to boil it so they won't get sick. I feel sorry for the people in Christchurch.

By Tokorima

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  1. Hi Tokorima,
    My name is Carrie Tucker and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. This semester I am in EDM 310, which is an Educational Media class, with Dr. Strange.
    I read your blog and what you have written here is very touching. I am sorry to hear of the catastrophe in Christchurch. I know that it is very hard to return to normal life after such a disaster but it is possible. In Alabama we have many hurricanes, which largely effect Mobile considering it is right on the gulf. States nearby such as Louisiana have also been horribly damaged by very strong hurricanes, but with time people recover and they do return to their normal lives and activities. So don't give up hope, and continue to spread the word through your blog!!
    Keep up the great work!!


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