Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors vs Broncos Game

On Friday night I went with Miss Va'afusuaga and her nephews and Shadin to go and watch the Warriors play against the Broncos at Mt Smart stadium. I was so happy to go and see Kevin Locke, Manu Vatuvei and Israel Folau because they're my favourite players. All I could smell when we got there, was hot dogs and chips. As soon as the game started everyone started cheering when the Warriors came out of the tunnel and it was so loud. I could here lots of screaming and cheering when I was watching the game. It was my first time watching the warriors in a real stadium. It was cool seeing Manu Vatuvei jump for the ball and get the try on the try line and that's when everyone was cheering again. It was also a fantastic night because the Under 20s Warriors team won their match too and the real Warriors won their match, 36-4. It was kind of cold but I saw this man dancing all by himself and it was really funny.

By Dante

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