Monday, August 30, 2010

Check SpellingOn Friday our under had a home game against ST Mary to go to the semi final. We had a warm up before the game to pump us up. When we were warming up ST Mary had arrived for our game and then we had to start it. When it started I was ready for our game and I was hard court focus. As we kick it off we had a plan to get the another team no try and that was to'' defend ''defend''defend''but then we had the ball and then we did one of our trick and we got a try'' .when it was half time we were wining by 35 to 0 and our couch was so happy . As the game went on we were sill wining ,but then they got their first try but that didn't made as angry because we were sill wining . At the end we won our game and we were running around in joy and happiness.

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  1. Hi miracle it sond like you had a fun time playing againt st mary school.Congradulation on your win.

    By kaloni


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