Monday, February 8, 2010

Awesome Christmas BBQ at the Beach

My holiday was awesome because there was a BBQ at the beach.
There was a BBQ at the beach because we were having a Christmas Party. The Christmas party was huge because everyone in my Mum and Dad's sides of the family came to the party.
The party was kind of cool because the things that I was doing at the BBQ. I was just waiting for the food to cook. As I was waiting I was playing on the sand. the sand was really hot.

By Tule

This is the animation I made in Hyperstudio of the BBQ....


  1. Hi Tule, Sounds like a great BBQ. WWhich beach did you go to for the BBQ? I love the animation. What did you do at the BBQ? Did you play volleyball or another game? What food did you cook? I love knowing all the information about what happened.
    Miss Walker

  2. Hi Tule, reading your story has put me in the mood for a barbeque at the beach this weekend...hope the weather is nice! I like the detail that you put into your animation...well done!

  3. Hi Tule
    I really like your movie.That is making me want to eat.I like the way you put in detail.
    From Hossanah and pesi


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